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Monday, 9 January 2012

Purple Blue Terra Chips

It is late in the evening and i get hungry. What do i have in store? A package of mysterious
blue (actually they are purple as you can already see on the packaging) potato chips.
I got these very rare to find chips for christmas. Normally they are available at Galeria Kaufhof. Well, i have not seen them in person in the food section there, but i was told that you have to reserve and order them since they are always sold out.

They look pretty cool, but they taste quite simple:
just like ordinary potato chips added with some salt. Nevertheless, they are quite healthy.
All natural ingredients! I already know about these purple potatoes from the Philippines. There they are called Ube.


  1. Uah die sehen toll aus - ich will welcheeee! :)

  2. eh wie lustig ist das bitte ich schreibe dir udn du mir - zur gleichen Zeit :D

  3. Die sehen irgendwie gruselig aus :P

  4. Du wirst lachen, aber die ganzen süßen Sachen waren in einem zweiten Einkaufswagen ;)

  5. klingt interessant...

    aber ich mag chips allgemein nicht so..

  6. Die sehn lustig aus, so in lila :D

  7. We have something like that in Canada, blue chips!! I'm not sure how/why they're healthy exactly but I'll take it. haha I love them!

  8. I've tried it once and I liked it, but they are expensive here...u_u

  9. oh man, those look reallyyy good! i want to try some :D


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