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Saturday, 5 November 2011

Missha BB Cream

It is time to add some Cream to the Vernissage (≧≦)

You might remember that i visited Manila´s first Missha beauty store in September.
Finally i can do a little review about one of my purchases (i bought a BB cream and a powder foundation).

Let me introduce: Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream No. 21 (Light Beige)

First of all: I usually do not use liquid make-up that often! So i just giving a try to very special (asian) products, that most people would or have recommended.

It is Missha´s best selling BB cream. No. 21 was the lightest available shade in store and it perfectly matches my skintone. I only use a very small amount to cover some uneven parts
such as enlarged pore areas. It works quite fine for me. The best thing is: You really just need a very small amount of the product to get a good covering result!
However, it is not that easy to dose the small amount you want with a pump dispenser (-'_'-)

...i did not blend it, so you can see the actual texture on bare skin

I like the nice smell of this BB cream - and another fact:
This BB cream is best for a cold and dry european winter climate, since it has a somehow oily after effect on my skin (when i was in the Philippines -very hot and tropical country- this was not a very nice side effect).
All in all a really nice product for a european winter(!) skin. I am looking forward to compare it with other BB creams, but for now this amount will at least last for 1 year (~ ̄▽ ̄)~.



  1. The BB cream looks nice overall : D

  2. Thank you for your nice comment on my blog :) I am glad you like my coat !. I don't know this brand but it's true liquid products are good for cold and dry climates...where I live (Italy) it's not as dry as it should be anyway cause I live by the sea...anyway my skin is happy when I use liquid foundations and a bit oily creams cause my skin is dry, so for me it's ok. Kisses ! xoxox

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  3. I read a lot of good ramblings for this baby xD I might also buy this one once I've finished my bbc~

  4. The BB cream seems great =D

    RE: a living cloud? that's what her daddy told me when he saw her~~~ xD I'll take good care of her sweetie~

  5. ja die macrons haben auch 1 euro pro stück gekostet aber waren ihren preis wert und da auf der messe war eh alles so teuer...

    jaaa die anuga in köln würd ich gern iwann mal sehen ^^

  6. mag auch mal BBcream ausprobiern x]]

  7. sowas will ich mir auch schon die ganze zeit zulegen , aber hab irgwie noch nicht die passende farbe gefunden:D

    und natürlich kannst du meinen blog auf die giveaway history verlinken:) freut mich natürlich sehr :)


  8. yaaa.. is mir auch schon aufgefallen, aber irgendwie will ich den europäischen abklatsch dann doch nicht unterstptzen XD XD

  9. I can't wait to try mine! I ordered one 2 weeks ago and now it should arrive this week :D glad you got one too!

  10. Ich liebe die BB Cream von Missha! *-* Besitze diesselbe und bin richtig begeistert. Sie deckt das meiste, wie du hier beschrieben hast, mit nur einen kleinen Tropfen. <3


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