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Saturday, 15 October 2011


Since my last post you all know that i love sweets. Therefore i need to do a post about teeth care. I somehow feel responsible for my dearest readers, so take good care of your teeth! ☻ᴥ☻
Try to avoid eating tons of sweets everyday, save up your desire for very special kind of sweets, something you will not get every day. This is what i do to improve my teeth care and i would recommend it to everybody who loves a big shiny smile. (─‿‿─)

Even my dentist did not recommend to do a bleaching treatment. I absolutely agree because i know that it actually damages the natural surface of a healthy tooth. You might know how it feels like when you brush your teeth to hard and then the dentist is about to do the simple cleaning treatment - you can feel a slight pain! This happened to me during my last visit at the dentist, he said: "You are brushing your teeth too hard, just be gentle!" - Ok, from now on i will take care of my brushing pressure ^^.

So this was my little dentist and tooth care story. (∪ ◡ ∪)


  1. Das gluabe ich dir.
    Ich mag zwar Sommer sehr, Winter ist aber auch gut 1x im Jahr xD....
    hoffe es geht dir gut ?!


  2. My dentist said exactly the same thing about that bleaching stuff and big pressure. With pressure I got to work a bit more, I always feel like my teeth aren't clean enough if I don't press hard.

  3. ich hab bei if i were audrey gelesen, dass du die panda mütze suchst. bei accessorize gibt es gerade ähnliche mützen, zwar nicht ganz dasselbe aber vielleicht gefallen sie dir :-)


  4. Huhuu! x3 Danke für deinen Rat! hihi
    hübsche Zähne! <3

    Jaaa, ich liebe Schweizer Schoggi! Gibt echt nix besseres! x3 Das Foto mit der Schokolade stammt aus dem MERKUR shop :D hihi!

    Yaaay! Ich followe dich auch! x3

  5. Thank you for your comment and for following my blog. Your blog is very interesting!! (^^)


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