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Sunday, 9 October 2011

Impressions of the Last Days

My stay in the Philippines has come to an end. I miss the tropical climate and all the palm
trees on the streets.

I got to know what it feels like being caught in mother natures trap.
No escape, just hope...

Sweet treats... (though this "rocky road" was not that "rocky" - take a closer look and you know what i mean)

Dramatic street scenes.
This scene was taken during sunset on our way back home from Edsa.
It looks as if it was taken from an anime movie scene, but this is a real photograph!!!

Heaven is so close...
- shot through the airplane window on my way back to Germany



  1. awesome pics! lovin your blog. come check mine out soon ^^

  2. I miss the philippines. i won't be there till 2013 that's a long time from now so i'm really bummed about it.. oh well. i might go to hong kong and china and korea in 2013 too.. cause they're all closeby each other..

    that's how i traveled to thailand, burma, part of laos , vietnam and cambodia.. they're all closeby each other.. ushould country hop when u have the chance

  3. das letzte bild!!! ein traum!

  4. I love the cloud pic :D and yeah, I do love lioele too, that's one of my favorite korean brand =D

  5. Great photos! I love that last picture of the clouds. So dreamy!

  6. sehr sehr schöne bilder ♥



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