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Monday, 3 October 2011

Bread Talk

If you are looking for some really delicious toast or cake, you have to try Bread Talk!
I love their sweet toast. It is way bigger in size than the usual German toast.
And of course - cake! This chocolate cake tastes like heaven (≧◡≦)!

Very soft and 100% pure chocolate taste!
- why don´t we have such a kind of cake in Germany?!? ( ̄へ ̄)



  1. Es sieht soooooo lecker aus - in Deutschland gibt es eh nie so coole Sachen wie im Ausland :/

  2. awee bread talk, I love their cheesecake! superb <3

  3. Yeah maybe I could've done that but I wanted a japanese phone so bad because they rock -__-"" SO I just get the normal white Softbank phone everybody has here... it's so annoying you just can't buy a phone and a card for it like in any other country .____."""

  4. gah i miss bread talk.. nakakamiss.. gusto ko yung mga bread nila .. nakalimutan ko yung flavor.. wala kami nyan sa san francisco unfortunately..
    gah nakakamiss ang pinas


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