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Saturday, 24 September 2011

Sick in the Tropics

My dearest readers i have to apologize for the lack of updates!
The reason is quite simple: Fever and a very bad sore throat ಠ_ಠFeeling way better now . . . however, this time it was not a very pleasant vacation at all.
Too much rain and no chance to go to the beach . . . very sad face (´ヘ`;)

So what else to do when you are bored and isolated . . . getting a manicure!
Nothing really special, just a simple pearly nude color with a glittery top coat. These were not
my own colors, i left all my fancy colors in Germany. I thought that i can find some new interesting here at Trinoma. I have read that they have China Glaze in their beauty section.
Well, when i was there i did not see any special outstanding colors (¬_¬) . . .



  1. Wenn du aufs Foto klickst wirds größer und dann kannste es sehen womit die gefüllt sind :)

    Ja ich war auch erstaunt als ich den 1 Liter Becher zum ersten mal gesehen habe :D Aber ich würde auch nen 2 Liter Becher kaufen :D hihi

  2. Aber Pfannkuchen sind doch super lecker :D

  3. awww, get well soon! i love your girly nails!

  4. ein wunderschöner blog mit tollen bildern! gefällt mir richtig gut :)

    liebste grüße


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