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Monday, 26 September 2011

Shopping Experience

There really are a lot of "shop till you drop" possibilities here in the Philippines. I am talking about those big mega malls which of course provide endless shopping experience on a very high and exclusive level.

However, i think there might be those flea market / bazaar like places and little independend shops aside from those big chains, but i have not seen or heard about some as far as i know . . . where have all the bargains gone if there is no possibility to negotiate about prices ? ! ?
And there we are: in case you are thinking of being in bargain wonderland - you are totally wrong ( the only exception: Food ! ) . Ok , it depends where you want to shop and what you want. Nevertheless, if you know what you want there is absolutely no guarantee that you will find it where you suppose it to be found ! And if you dont know what you want and just strolling around and instead letting things find you - you will totally get lost in space ! !
Oh and i forgot: the huge and annoying amount of salesladies/man standing in every corner of a shop or departement in order to rush behind or next to you after less than 2 seconds in order to "help" you. This always totally freaking me out, because you aboslute cannot concentrate and make senseful decisions if you are in a dispute.

Found something i was searching for and guess what: of course not a bargain - why does not this surprise me. Well, i knew Missha is kinda pricey, but absolutely did not expect the following facts:

Obviously if your having a demo of pricey cosmetics products you have to pay for it - no one told me that it is not a service. In Germany you can test all products no matter expensive or not - for free! - otherwise you are notified to pay an additional fee! The additional fee in this case was not a great amount , but i am talking about principles! I somehow think that i only had to pay this extra fee because i am foreigner! If so this is absolutely a no-go!
VAT - the most annoying three letters you can think about. Not very unusual since we also have to pay VAT in Germany, but in Gemany VAT is always already included in the actual price you see on the product tag. So you can still decide whether it is too pricey or not. But when i bought my Missha products VAT was not included in the price shown at the price tag. So in the end this was the most expensive supposed-to-be-bargain i have ever purchased. I dont think that i will buy again from Missha here in the Philippines. There are way cheaper offers online!
Will do a review on the products as soon as i am back in Germany.


1 comment:

  1. Ja, mir fiel es auch schwer überhaupt etwas zu finden, was mir auch wirklich gefällt. Aber bin mit den Sachen echt zufrieden und genauso mit dem Preis. :)
    Ich freue mich immer wieder erneut, wenn ich mal dahin fahre, aber bin meistens umso mehr enttäuscht, weil es fast einfach nur Bullshit gab! :D


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