Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Food Criteria

Where to eat in Manila or the Philippines in general . . .
well, at least the best places for good food are located in one
of the big malls. However, sensitive people from abroad have to be carefull with what they choose to eat and drink. Secure drinks are always those which are served in a bottle or can.
The photograph above was taken at Five Cows which really serves good and tasty food.
I recommend Fish Mandala with curry ( unfortunately, i forgot to take some photos of the meals ) .

When it comes to food, always look for a meal you are familiar with and always take a closer look on the restaurants interior. If it does not suit your sense of cleanness better go for another restaurant. This is the best way to prevent you from allergic reactions due to bad hygienic circumstances.

Here another example for a restaurant i would always recommend because of
its high standard of cleanness and service:

This is Max´s Restaurant - a very famous restaurant here in the Philippines. They serve the best fried chicken and crab meat fried rice. I also love their mango juice, which i always order.



  1. danke für den kommentar:)
    hätte ich schon gemacht, aber wir waren nur bei mcdonalds^^ da bietet es sich nicht so an;)
    aber deine fotos sehen toll aus!

    liebe grüße

  2. danke für die Tipps, sowas kann man immer brauchen:)

  3. oh no! it looks so delicous D:

  4. das sieht ja sowas von lecker aus <3


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