Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Banana Trees and Sushi

Banana trees are growing everywhere here in the Philippines. They are also used as a food wrapping or simply as a plate (usually served on a normal plate).
Just a side note: when i was taking this photo the temperature was about 30°C and there was a relative humidity of 65% . . . welcome to the rain forest ! ! !

Had some sushi at "Kitaro Sushi". First thing i noticed was the very nice arrangement.
In Germany you rarely see any special decoration stuff except the pure food itself and the basics like ginger (which was not included here as you can see) and of course wasabi.

Here you see the very nice deoration in detail:
a nice green fence which somehow reminds me of a banana tree leaf (because of the structure).



  1. Banana-trees *_*
    Yes, orange-red lipsticks are very nice!
    love the colour. Have more than only one :)
    And what I have to say: you are really pretty, hun!

    Laura <3

  2. hihi ich habs gerade gegessen! yam yam <3

    Vielen Dank für deinen Kommentar
    alles liebe
    Jo Betty

  3. i loveee sushi!! :)


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